Creating content to reach your goals
POSTING WITH PURPOSE - creating content for Instagram and Facebook.
Posting with Purpose is my signature four-part framework for creating an easy to use
Instagram and Facebook marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals.


  • I have no idea what to post on Instagram and Facebook

  • Oh crap, I need to post something.  I’ll just post this pretty picture with a quick quote

  • Ugh, I haven’t posted to my Instagram or Facebook account in weeks

  • I have no idea how to create posts that help me grow my business and serve my audience

  • There are just not enough hours in the day to keep up with Instagram and Facebook marketing

  • I have no idea what I’m doing to get the kind of results Suzie Q Interior Designer is getting

  • It’s all too overwhelming and I have no idea where to start

Posting with Purpose is designed to set you up with the knowledge to execute a strategic system and create content for your Instagram and Facebook page month after month.  


This isn’t another cookie-cutter system.  This system will show you how to create a strategy that is unique to your brand.



✔ Do what you’re passionate about

✔ Follow your dream of creating beautiful spaces for your clients

✔ Grow your design firm and have people in your DMs wanting to work          with you

✔ Concentrate more of your time on serving your clients and not marketing your business

Hi!  I’m Lezlie Swink, the founder of Swink Social Co.

The question that I get asked the most as a social media strategist is, “What should I post on my business pages?”  As a business owner you want to use your social media accounts to help you grow your business.  I have worked with many businesses to not only help them create a strategy for knowing exactly what to post, but also how to create a simple system so that they can easily use Instagram and Facebook to market their business while having more time to serve their clients.


What You'll Learn


How to set goals and look ahead in your business

How to create an Ideal Client Avatar that will help you speak directly to your audience.

How to mix content types to keep your audience interested

How to create content pillars so that your message is clear

How to create a content bank so you never run out of ideas to post about

Typing on Computer

Learn how often you should post

Learn how to put a 30-day content calendar together

Learn how to write engaging captions that your audience will love reading

Learn about different image formats and how to use them to reach your goals

Image by XPS

How to use hashtags effectively

How to research hashtags and create a hashtag bank

The best days/times to post and how scheduling tools can help

How and why you should batch create your content

Image by Georgia de Lotz

Where to find your analytic data and what it all means

Which analytics to track and which ones you can ignore

How to use analytic data to plan for the upcoming month

How Will You Learn?


Self-paced, online course that teaches you how to plan, create, optimize and track your Instagram and Facebook


During this 8-week course I will show you how to build a solid foundation for your Instagram and Facebook marketing strategy and a simple, effective system to help save you time and drive results.


Give me 30 days and we'll have an Instagram and Facebook strategy that aligns with your business and helps you grow.  This program offers personal support throughout the entire program.