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Meet Lezlie

Lezlie Swink of Swink Social Co.
Lezlie Swink


Hi, I'm Lezlie Swink, the heart and vision behind Swink Social Co. My mission? To make social media easy, effective, and genuinely enjoyable, especially for interior designers. I believe deeply that a brand's online presence should mirror its inherent story, and I’m here to remove the often-felt stress of social media for designers, helping them voice their brand in a way that irresistibly draws in their dream clients.

My team and I are laser-focused exclusively on the interior design industry, ensuring we grasp the unique online engagement challenges that are so specific to this beautiful field. We manage Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for designers from coast to coast, ensuring every post, every interaction, isn’t just beautiful but is also a smart, strategic move in alignment with their brand’s journey.

My passion lies in making sure your digital spaces echo the tangible, awe-inspiring physical spaces you create as a designer. I’m all about championing a digital presence that isn’t just a feast for the eyes but also speaks authentically and directly to the audience you want to attract, creating a seamless journey from your social media to your real-world creations. Here at Swink Social Co, we stand for thoughtful, strategic, and visually stunning social media presence that designers not only need but also truly enjoy engaging with. Let's create something beautiful and effective together!

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