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It's the next best thing to outsourcing
your social media content.

Don't let lack of time or direction stop you from taking your interior design business to the next level online.

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Sound familiar? 


“I want my brand to have a strong social media presence, but I just don’t have the time for Instagram and my actual work.”


“I have no clue how to present my interior design business on social media or use it the right way.”


“I’m trying and posting consistently but still not getting the results I want.”

It's SO common to feel this way as a business owner (we've all been there...).


But when done right, social media is such a powerful marketing tool that you can't just ignore it and hope for the best. wouldn't tell your client to keep ignoring the space in their home that drives them crazy, would you?!

Let Design Social help you shave HOURS
off marketing your interior design business


Plug and play reels templates delivered straight to your inbox - never miss a trend again! Timed audio and content prompts so all you have to do is drop in a photo or video to showcase your work.



Social media is meant to be... social! 


Find connection with other designers, personalized support from me and coaching around any specific issues you are facing via our private Facebook community and monthly marketing Power Hours.



This is not your average freebie Instagram calendar from Pinterest! The monthly content strategy will be everything you need as an interior designer using social media to build your business:


➡️ a content calendar with prompts 

➡️ customizable coordinating caption templates

➡️ image and graphic suggestions

➡️ hashtag recommendations



The lessons resources inside will make you feel like a social media ninja. From business newbie to seasoned pro, these resources are a must have and will be constantly updated. (think everything from Canva tips and tricks to guides that show you exactly how to set up and optimize your social media accounts)

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Hi! I'm Lezlie
Hi, friend! I'm Lezie - owner of Swink Social Co. and creator of the Design Social Membership.

After working with dozens of interior designers from coast to coast on their social media marketing strategy and content creation, more and more people began asking about other ways to work together - and so Design Social was born ⭐️

When the freebies are no longer doing it for you but hiring a social media manager isn't in the cards, you're probably going to feel overwhelmed and overworked. Y
ou're a designer, not a content creator. Your time should be filled with what you do best - designing amazing spaces! 

Becoming a Design Social member means you get consistent, expert guidance and fresh resources that you can rely on to market your biz - each and every month.

The lessons and tutorials will establish a marketing foundation unique to
your interior design business so that the monthly content strategy and weekly reels templates delivered straight to your inbox will be easily customizable for your needs and values.

Ready to *smash* your business goals online?

Join the Design Social Membership for just $49/month! 💥
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Let's Connect!


If you have questions about the membership, please send me a DM on Instagram.


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