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Planning Content for Engaging Interior Design Reels on Instagram

interior designer setting up camera to film a Reels video for Instagram


Hey there, interior designers! We all know that Instagram is a great way to showcase your beautiful projects and reach potential clients. It’s an incredible way to share your unique style and connect with a wider audience. Instagram Reels have become an integral part of growing many accounts for interior designers. But let’s face it—creating engaging content that stands out can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where planning comes in. With a solid plan, you can capture the best moments of your design projects and make the most of your social media presence.

In this post, we’ll break down what type of content you should be sharing, with some examples! We’ll also explore how to plan your content to create engaging videos and posts specifically for interior designers and the necessary equipment (spoiler alert:  it’s not much!). Whether you’re new to content creation or looking to enhance your Instagram strategy, these tips will help you showcase your work effectively.

Maximizing Content Potential

Every design project offers multiple content opportunities, almost like chapters in a story. By breaking down a single project into various pieces of content, you can share a richer, more engaging narrative with your audience.

Think of your project as the main story. For example, imagine you just completed a primary bath remodel. The main story could be told through before and after content, process videos, and highlights of the transformation. But within this main story, there are many supporting stories waiting to be told.

Every decision you make in a project is a story to tell. By breaking down the project into these smaller stories, you can create a comprehensive and engaging narrative that keeps your audience hooked.  Plus, you can get a TON of content out of one project.

Here are some examples of content to gather to tell those supporting stories...

  • Before and After of Each Element: Capture the before and after of individual elements like cabinetry, flooring, and the shower. This allows you to highlight the transformation of each component and emphasize the detailed work involved.

  • Process Content: Show the journey from start to finish. Document the initial state, the design process, material selection, and installation. Each step is a part of the overall story that adds depth and interest.

  • Highlight Content: Focus on unique features or key decisions that make the project stand out. Explain why you chose certain materials or design elements and how they contribute to the final look.

Before and After Instagram Reels Content

Before and after shots are super powerful for highlighting transformations and showcasing the impact of your work. These comparisons really show off the value you bring to a project.  I’ve worked with hundreds of designers, and before and after content is always a crowd-pleaser!

Creative transitions between before-and-after shots can make your content more engaging and visually appealing. With a little planning, you can really create some scroll-stopping content. Check out these videos for some before-and-after inspiration.

This is a great example if you don't have any formal "before" images.

Creating Interior Design Project Process Reels on Instagram

Process videos give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your design journey. They help viewers appreciate the effort and creativity involved in your projects. And if I'm being honest, these are my personal favorite types of videos to watch.

The process can tell the whole story or be used to tell supporting stories. Time-lapse is your friend here!  And don’t think that you have to wait until the project is complete before you show the process!  This type of content is great to show project progress and to get your audience excited for the BIG REVEAL!!!  Check out these videos that do a great job showing the process.

Disclaimer: These were much harder to find because people aren’t documenting their process—or showing it!

Highlighting Special Features in Your Design Project

Every project has unique features that deserve special attention. Identifying and showcasing these elements can set your content apart.

Look for custom pieces, bold design choices, or innovative layouts that make your project stand out. Use close-ups and feature spotlights to highlight these elements. Storytelling adds context and interest—explain the inspiration behind certain design choices and how they enhance the space. Here are some fun videos I found that creatively demonstrate how to make this type of content interesting.

Tips for Capturing Better Content

Thinking About the Process

When planning your content, consider the entire design process. Each stage offers unique opportunities to create engaging content:

  • Initial Walkthroughs: Capture the first look at the space. Share initial thoughts and plans for the project. This can be a simple video of walking through the space, pointing out areas of interest, and discussing the vision.

  • Design Stages: Show the design process, including mood boards, sketches, and selecting materials. This gives the audience insight into the creative process and helps them understand the effort that goes into each project.

  • Identify Focal Points and Interesting Features:  These are the things that deserve special attention, make a note of these features and be sure that you are documenting them. These make great before and afters as well as highlight shots!

  • Implementation: Record the transformation as it happens, including any challenges and how they are overcome. This will include on-site visits.  Don’t be afraid to get footage of people working and big bonus points if we get to see YOU in the video/images. People love seeing progress, and it builds anticipation for the final reveal.

  • Final Reveal: Share the big reveal, highlighting the finished project and the details that make the design special. This is the moment everyone’s been waiting for, so make it count!

Maintaining Consistent Angles

To make content more understandable and visually appealing, especially for an audience that isn’t on-site, it’s crucial to maintain consistency in shots:

  • Same Angle Shots: Always capture the process from the exact same angles. This consistency helps the audience see the progression clearly and makes before-and-after comparisons more impactful.

  • Mark Your Spots: Use tape or markers to ensure the camera or tripod is placed in the same spot each time you shoot. This is a simple trick that can make a big difference in the quality of the content.

  • Reference Photos: Take reference photos at the beginning to help replicate the same angles throughout the project. These photos will serve as a guide to ensure consistency.

Essential Equipment

High-quality content doesn’t require fancy equipment. A few key items can make a big difference:

  • Good Tripod: A sturdy tripod ensures shots are steady and professional. It’s essential for both photos and videos. This will help maintain consistent angles and keep footage looking polished.  I like this one from Amazon.

  • Quality Lighting: Good lighting can make content look polished and highlight design details effectively. Invest in a reliable light source to brighten up shots. Natural light is great, but sometimes you need a little extra boost. I use this one, and it just clips onto your phone.


Planning your content carefully ensures you capture the most engaging and effective material possible. By thinking ahead and organizing your ideas, you can highlight the best aspects of your work and keep your audience coming back for more.

Remember, each design project has tons of content potential, but it takes a bit of planning to capture it effectively. Start planning and experimenting with your content creation today, and watch your social media presence grow and your projects shine.

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Happy designing and content creating!

Lezlie Swink at sitting at a desk.  She is a social media strategist and manager for interior designers specializing in Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterst marketing.


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