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The Ultimate Marketing Solution for Busy Interior Designers

In the dynamic world of interior design, we've noticed an often overlooked yet crucial component - marketing. Many talented interior designers find themselves grappling with the challenges of effective social media marketing, a realm that can feel as complex and intimidating as an ill-fitted space waiting for a makeover.

Recognizing this hurdle, we were inspired to create a unique solution that marries design passion with marketing efficacy without breaking the bank. Our Design Social Membership for Interior Designers is born out of this desire - to offer a simple, cost-effective, yet potent solution to make marketing on social media not just easy and effective but also an enjoyable experience.

We understand how valuable your time is. As an interior designer, you're constantly juggling various projects, client meetings, sourcing materials, and let's not forget, the precious moments spent with family and loved ones. The stress of having to choose between personal time and marketing your business can be overwhelming. We've designed our membership to act as a life-saver in this sea of time constraints.

With our membership, you don't have to sacrifice your evenings or weekends trying to come up with engaging captions or scouring the internet for the perfect graphics. Our pre-made templates and content calendars are here to rescue you from that stress. With a few clicks, a touch of personalization, and voila - your social media content is ready to captivate your audience while you get to cherish a peaceful dinner with your family.

Maintaining Client Pipeline

A steady flow of clients is the lifeblood of any interior design business. Yet, attracting and retaining clients can be an uphill battle without effective marketing. Our membership is not just about making your social media marketing easier; it's about making it more effective.

With our resources, you'll be able to create content that resonates with your ideal client avatar, fostering a connection that could lead to a phone call, a consultation, or a project. Imagine being able to consistently communicate your brand, showcase your work, and reach potential clients, all while saving time and reducing stress.

The Design Social Membership is your secret weapon to turn your social media platforms into powerful client magnets, keeping your pipeline filled without burning the midnight oil. It's about creating a balance where your passion for interior design, your business aspirations, and your personal life can coexist harmoniously.

With our membership, you're not just investing in your business; you're investing in peace of mind, work-life balance, and a future where your design skills continue to touch lives, transform spaces, and create beauty.

Your Monthly Social Media Content Calendar

create your social media content in minutes with our customized social media content calendars

The secret to a successful social media presence is consistency and relevance, but planning engaging content regularly can often feel like a challenging endeavor. That's where our Monthly Content Calendar steps in as your new best friend.

Each month, we provide you with a detailed content calendar, carefully crafted with your unique needs as an interior designer in mind. This isn't just a list of dates; it's a strategic roadmap for your social media journey, designed to make your content planning as effortless as possible.

Our content calendar includes well-researched topics that are currently resonating in the interior design industry. From trending designs to seasonal inspirations, these topics are handpicked to ensure your posts are always timely and relevant, striking a chord with your audience.

To take the guesswork out of visual planning, we provide image suggestions that align with each topic. These suggestions act as a guiding light, helping you to visualize your posts and maintain a cohesive aesthetic across your social media platforms.

Understanding the purpose behind each post is crucial. Therefore, we provide insightful notes explaining why a particular topic is chosen and how it can connect with your audience. This allows you to understand the strategy behind each post, enabling you to communicate more effectively with your followers.

Of course, what's a post without a captivating caption? Our calendar includes caption templates and real examples that you can use directly or tweak to match your brand's voice. These templates are crafted to engage, inspire, and resonate with your audience, ensuring your message hits home.

And let's not forget hashtags - the unsung heroes of social media discoverability. Our calendar includes recommendations for hashtag sets tailored for the interior design industry. These recommendations aim to increase your visibility, helping you reach a wider audience and potential clients.

Our Monthly Content Calendar is your comprehensive guide to a month of stress-free, strategic, and successful social media content planning. It's designed to save you time, keep you relevant, and most importantly, help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way. With this tool, your social media planning is not just simplified - it's amplified.

Your Customizable Content Template Bank

In the fast-paced world of interior design, flexibility is key. We understand that while having a structured plan is essential, the ability to adapt to real-time changes in your business is equally important. That's why, in addition to our meticulously crafted Monthly Content Calendar, we offer you access to an expansive Content Template Bank.

Think of this bank as your personal treasure chest of social media content - a plethora of options that you can tap into whenever you need to adjust your content strategy based on the current happenings in your business.

Perhaps you've just landed an exciting new project that you're eager to share with your followers,

make your social media unique by ulitizing the social media caption template bank

or maybe there's an unexpected design trend that's taking the industry by storm. With our Content Template Bank, you can quickly find a template that fits your needs, tweak it to suit your situation, and keep your audience updated with fresh, engaging content.

This means you're not just restricted to the monthly plan; you have the flexibility to be responsive, spontaneous, and real. It allows you to maintain an authentic and dynamic online presence, reflecting the true nature of your work and the ever-evolving design industry.

Our Content Template Bank isn't just about providing extra options - it's about empowering you to take control of your social media narrative. It’s about ensuring your content strategy can flex and adapt just like you, keeping your audience engaged and your business relevant, no matter what comes your way.

Weekly Reels Templates: Your Ticket to Engaging Videos

get easy to use Instagram and Facebook Reels templates delivered to your inbox each week

Video content, especially Reels, has emerged as a powerful tool in the social media landscape, offering an engaging, dynamic, and fun way to connect with your audience. However, creating these short, impactful videos can sometimes feel daunting. Our Weekly Reels Templates are here to change that narrative.

Every week, we hand you a perfectly timed Canva template set to trending audio. These templates are designed with a deep understanding of what works on Reels, ensuring your videos hit the sweet spot of engagement. The process couldn’t be simpler or more convenient – all you need to do is drop in your images.

Whether it's showcasing a project you're proud of, sharing a design tip, or giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your creative process, our Reels templates provide a quick and easy way to create compelling video content. This means less time fumbling with editing and more time connecting with your audience.

The Weekly Reels Templates have quickly become one of the most popular features among our Design Social members and for a good reason. They're a testament to the fact that creating engaging video content doesn't have to be complex or time-consuming. With our templates, you're just a few clicks away from a standout Reel that reflects your brand, engages your audience, and elevates your social media presence.

In short, our Weekly Reels Templates are your shortcut to creating video content that doesn't just keep up with the trends - it sets them.

Email Marketing Module: Amplifying Your Marketing Reach

E-mail marketing for Interior designers

A robust marketing plan is like a well-designed space - it thrives on diversity. Social media is a powerful platform, but coupling it with an effective email marketing strategy can amplify your reach and deepen your connections. It's about ensuring your voice is heard and your brand is remembered, even in the crowded inbox of your audience.

A successful email strategy can serve as a direct line of communication with your audience, fostering deeper relationships and driving business growth. This is where our comprehensive Email Marketing Module comes into play.

This module isn’t just a guide; it's a complete toolbox designed to help you set up and execute successful email marketing campaigns. It's packed with detailed video tutorials that break down the seemingly complex world of email marketing into easily digestible lessons. Whether you're a novice or have dabbled in email marketing before, these tutorials will equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate this avenue with confidence.

But we don't stop at tutorials. Each month, you'll receive professionally crafted email templates designed to engage and inspire your audience. These templates take the guesswork out of what to say and how to say it, allowing you to communicate with your audience in a way that resonates.

Support and Community for Interior Designers

We believe that success in the world of interior design and marketing is not a solitary journey, but a shared endeavor. That's why, as a member, you'll gain access to our thriving Facebook group and exclusive Power Hour events - two powerful platforms where you can engage, learn, and grow alongside like-minded individuals and experts.

Our Facebook group is more than just a social media community; it's a collective of passionate interior designers navigating the marketing landscape together. Here, you can share insights, celebrate successes, seek advice, and engage in meaningful conversations that can help you elevate your marketing strategies. It's a space where collaboration meets inspiration, fostering a sense of unity and mutual growth.

In addition to this vibrant community, we host monthly Power Hour events - a unique opportunity for you to bring your questions and marketing challenges to the table. Held virtually, these sessions serve as a collaborative problem-solving platform, where you can gain expert advice on how to tackle your marketing struggles and move forward with clarity and confidence.

join a community of interior designers driven to successfully building their business

Imagine having a dedicated time each month where you can pause, reflect, and seek guidance on your marketing journey. Whether you're feeling stuck with a particular campaign or are looking for ways to enhance your overall strategy, our Power Hour is designed to provide you with actionable insights and solutions.

In essence, our Facebook group and Power Hour events are more than just support channels; they're your partners in success. They're here to ensure you never feel alone on this journey, providing a blend of expert guidance, peer support, and continuous learning opportunities that can propel your marketing efforts to new heights.

A Membership Tailored Just for Busy Interior Designers:

At the heart of our membership is a deep understanding and appreciation for the unique needs and challenges of interior designers. Every aspect of our membership, from the Content Calendar to the Email Marketing Module, is curated with this in mind. We're not just providing generic marketing resources; we're offering tools and strategies that are tailored specifically for you, the interior designer.

a membership created specifically to cater to the unique marketing needs of the interior design industry

We understand that in the dynamic world of interior design, needs evolve, and new challenges emerge. That's why our membership isn't static – it's designed to adapt and grow with you. We're committed to continuously refining and expanding our offerings based on the evolving needs of our members.

Our plan for the future of this membership is rooted in listening and responding to you. Whether it's introducing new resources, refining existing ones, or expanding into new avenues of marketing support, our decisions are guided by the feedback and experiences of our members.

This membership is not just about providing you with the tools to succeed in your marketing efforts. It's about creating a space that understands, respects, and evolves with your unique journey as an interior designer. With our membership, you're not just joining a marketing program; you're becoming part of a dedicated community that's designed for you, with you, and around you.

Hear It From Our Members:

Don't just take our word for it; listen to the experiences of our current members. Their stories speak volumes about the impact and value of our membership.

“You give amazing content and support and I trust your level of expertise in this industry. You are supportive, authentic and value your connections within this industry. I love knowing you have done the research and know it will work- I simply plug and go” ~ Design Social Member

“I love having fresh content ideas- I love the hashtags that I can plug in for specific target areas - I love not having to think so hard about ways to post or what to post.” ~ Design Social Member

“Content outline, captions, image suggestions, etc. is so helpful.” ~ Design Social Member

How to Join

Diving into the Design Social Membership is a breeze, and we've made it as effortless as possible. All you need to do is tap here, and with a few simple clicks, you’ll be a part of our vibrant community of interior designers.

Here's the kicker - this invaluable arsenal of marketing resources is yours for only $49 a month! Yes, you read that right. Our mission is to make effective marketing accessible and affordable for every interior designer, so we’ve priced our membership strategically. It’s a fraction of the cost of hiring a dedicated social media manager, yet it provides an incredible array of tools and supports that are specifically designed for your needs.

Think about it: expert-crafted content calendars, a customizable template bank, weekly reel templates, comprehensive email marketing modules, exclusive power hour events, and a supportive community - all at your fingertips for less than $50 a month. It's more than just a deal; it's an investment in your business, your peace of mind, and your work-life balance.

So, why wait? It's time to take a step towards stress-free, effective, and enjoyable social media marketing.


That’s the rundown on our Design Social Membership for Interior Designers – a collection of carefully curated tools and strategies designed to streamline your social media marketing, bolster your client pipeline, simplify content planning, offer flexibility with a content template bank, make video content creation a breeze, amplify your reach with email marketing, and provide a supportive community like no other.

At the heart of it all, this membership has been thoughtfully tailored to cater specifically to the interior design niche – a partner that understands, adapts, and evolves with you, fueling your journey in this dynamic industry.

So why wait? Become part of our vibrant community today and let us empower you to harmoniously blend your passion for design, business aspirations, and personal life, and continue to bring beauty to the world.


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