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Elevate Your Email Marketing

A Step by Step Email Marketing Guide for Interior Designers

Are you an interior designer looking to transform your email marketing efforts?

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What you get:

Say goodbye to writer's block! Our course equips you with a diverse range of templates for various purposes, from project updates to design tips.
Learn the ropes of successful email marketing through insightful tutorials and practical tips curated specifically for interior designers.
For just $29.99, you'll gain a wealth of knowledge and resources that can make a lasting impact
on your business.

Hello there! I'm Lezlie--
the driving force behind Swink Social Co.

Our journey began rooted deeply in social media marketing. And trust me, there’s still a lot of love there! 💌 But over the years, we spotted a glaring gap: so many talented interior designers were overlooking the goldmine that is email marketing.

I truly believe that the most effective marketing is multifaceted. Think of it as an art palette - you wouldn’t rely on just one color, right? Email marketing is that essential shade that can truly make your canvas come alive. It’s a powerful asset that complements and amplifies your other marketing efforts.

I understand, the world of email can seem like a maze – intricate, confusing, and a tad overwhelming. But that's where we come in. We've designed this course with YOU in mind. We're here to help you leap over the hurdles, cut through the confusion, and set you on a streamlined path to harnessing email marketing.

So, are you ready to connect with your audience in a vibrant, impactful, and refreshingly new manner? Dive in, and let's get you emailing with confidence!

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