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Have you been thinking about starting a blog for your interior design business, but not sure if it's worth it. Perhaps you're afraid that you're not a good enough writer, you're not sure what to even blog about. Usually blogging isn’t the first thing one may think of when thinking of marketing for interior designers. But the statistics are quite clear of how beneficial it is.

While blogging does take a little bit of effort, especially in the beginning, a good blog will produce excellent results for your business. This article will give you an overview of blogging benefits, tips to save you time, and even blog post topics to get you started.

In this post, we will cover:

  1. The benefits of blogging

  2. Time-Saving Tips When Blogging

  3. Blog Topic Ideas for Your Interior Design Business

The Benefits of Blogging

There are many benefits to having a blog for your interior design business. One of the most notable benefits is improving your website SEO. Good website SEO will help you get found by people searching for your services on the internet. Ever wonder how some businesses are on the top of a Google search? Besides paying for ads, some businesses have mastered SEO for their sites to drive organic traffic. With blogging leading to 55% more website traffic, blogging for your interior design business is worth the time and effort. It could potentially help you grow your interior design business.

Google loves fresh content, so when you add a blog post to your website, Google rewards you by ranking your website higher in searches. That means if you want your business website to show up when local people search “interior designers near me” (a popular search term), then you should start blogging! Just be sure that your blog post are long enough to be considered fresh content. A blog needs to be over 1000 words. Don't worry, though. This is pretty easy to do.

blogging is important for seo

Another way blog posts on your website can increase your SEO is by keeping people on the website longer. The more time the visitor spends on your website, it signals to Google that your site has great content, and therefore you will rank higher.

Your interior design blog will allow potential clients to understand your process. Hiring a designer can be intimidating for some people. But the more they know you and how you operate as a designer, the more confident they will feel about hiring you for their next project.

By adding blogs to your website, people will better understand who you are as a business owner and not just a designer. Having this information is helpful to a potential client as they would feel more connected to you.

Blog posts can also help you create content for other platforms. Not sure what to post on Instagram? Then use the content from your blog post and repurpose it across other platforms.

Time-Saving Tips When Blogging

If writing a blog seems intimidating or too time-consuming, then try some of these tips. Keep a running list of blog post topic ideas (keep reading for suggested topics). Sometimes just coming up with ideas is the hardest part. If you have a running list, you won't be stuck on deciding what to write about.

Another way to save time when writing a blog is to schedule the time and write several posts at once. When you get your creative juices flowing, it's easier to write. You schedule time for your clients, so be sure to schedule time for your business.

One of my favorite tricks for saving time when writing a blog post is to use a transcribing tool. I'm actually not even typing this out right now. I'm speaking it. I'm using a tool called Speechnotes. There are other tools that you can use, click here for a list. In business, it is said a lot that it is important to work smarter, not harder. This is definitely the case with content creation for business as well!

Using a speech to text tool has been a game-changer for me. I simply create an outline of the blog I want to write. Having an outline makes sure that the blog post flows and reads easily. I use the outline and just start talking. Then I just copy and paste the text into another program called Grammarly. This program helps me edit.

I have cut the time it takes for me to create a blog in half using this process.

Blog Topic Ideas for Your Interior Design Business

So now you may be wondering what topics to even blog about. Keep reading for some great interior design content ideas! I highly recommend that you write a blog post for every project that you've done. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but those words are only speak to a transformation.

Whenever you're blogging about your project, be sure to include the client's pain points. What problem did you solve for this particular client? Go into your solution and how you helped your client. This is where potential clients will be able to see your process and how you can help them.

Another topic that's always popular is trends in the industry. Everyone wants to feel up-to-date with what is going on in the design world. And since this is your area of expertise, let your audience know. This will help them get ideas for their next project or reconsider some of the ideas they may have already had.

blog ideas, interior design business

Another excellent blog post is what I like to call "Roundup" posts. This blog revolve around a theme, and you're actually using other people's content for the blog post. Of course, you can use yours as well. The idea behind this type of blog post is to have external links to other websites. These external links also increase your SEO.

You can also include internal links to other projects that you've worked on in these Roundup posts. By using internal and external links, you can increase your interior design website SEO.

You'll need to find content around your theme and then write about what you like about it and how it relates to your topic. Always include links back to the original post and give proper credit to the creator.

If you have content relevant to the theme, then include that and link it back to the page on your website that give all the details (that's why having a blog post for each project is so important). You can build interest with your content and, in the end, promote your interior design services. It’s selling your interior design company in your sleep!

A few ideas for Roundup post include:

  • 10 Modern Living Rooms to Inspire You

  • My Favorite Farmhouse Kitchens

  • Best Neutral Rugs For Your Living Room

  • Christmas Decor: 10 Living Rooms that Will Put You In the Christmas Spirit

  • Creating The Perfect Outdoor Living Area

Blog posts that give tips or tricks are always popular! Remember, we want to either entertain, inspire, or educate our audience. These blog posts definitely fall under the education category.

Let's wrap it up

Don't let blogging intimidate you. It can have a tremendous impact on your interior design business. Adding a Blog to your business plan can increase your visibility in organic searches, help you connect with potential clients, and give you content to repurpose for things like Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and even an email newsletter.

Using these tips and tricks can save you an enormous amount of time. Definitely give the speech-to-text trick a try. And use some of the suggested topics to get you started.

Like anything else, consistency is the key here. That is why it is so essential to make it a part of your schedule.

I hope that you have found this helpful and if you have any questions, please reach out. I am always happy to help. And be sure to subscribe to my newsletter because I am always sending out helpful tips and tricks to help you grow your interior design business.

In summary, we covered these three points:

  1. The benefits of blogging

  2. Time-Saving Tips When Blogging

  3. Blog Topic Ideas for Your Interior Design Business

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