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Why Interior Designers Need to Shift Their Social Media Strategies in 2024

Have you noticed a recent dip in your social media engagement? If your answer is 'yes,' you're in good company. Across the board, there's a noticeable shift in the social media landscape, moving from a purely 'social' focus to a more 'entertaining' approach. As a result, engagement rates have been gradually decreasing. For interior designers, this means adapting your strategy is more crucial than ever.


2.1: Before & After Transformation Reels

2.2: Humorous Takes on Design Fails or Myths

2.3: Interactive Stories

2.4: 'A Day In the Life' Clip

2.5: Video Decor Tips & Tutorials

Understanding the Shift

Social media platforms have evolved, and so have user expectations. Audiences are no longer just looking for social connections online; they're seeking entertainment. This pivot towards more dynamic and engaging content reflects a broader trend in digital consumption. It's not that your content isn't quality—it's that the rules of the game are changing.

Adapting to the Change

For interior designers, this shift brings an exciting challenge: How do you make your content more entertaining? Here are some innovative strategies to inject fun into your posts and keep your audience engaged:

1. Before-and-After Transformation Reels:

Showcase your projects with a creative twist. Think time-lapses, engaging narratives (pro tip, use the greenscreen feature), or adding a trendy soundtrack. These types of Reels not only display your work but do so in an engaging, visually appealing way.

2. Humorous Takes on Design Fails or Myths:

Everyone loves a good laugh. Share light-hearted content debunking common design misconceptions or showcasing amusing design fails. For example, check out this post on Instagram.

3. Interactive Stories:

Utilize Instagram Stories for polls, quizzes, and ‘this or that’ choices. These interactive elements not only entertain but also engage your audience directly, creating a two-way conversation.  And using these polls and stickers can help you learn more about your audience and the type of content that like.

4. 'A Day in the Life' Clips:

Give a sneak peek into your daily routine as an interior designer. Adding humor or surprising elements can make these glimpses into your life both relatable and enjoyable.  Here is a great example of how AEF Interiors executed this concept flawlessly.

5. Video Decor Tips and Tutorials:

Shift from static images to engaging video content where you visually demonstrate your decorating techniques. This format not only brings your tips to life but also allows you to connect more personally with your audience. Use the caption space for additional details or insider insights, enhancing the overall value and appeal of your posts.

Shelley of @crazywonderfulblog created this amazing video perfectly illustrating an entertaining way style shelves.

The Core of Your Profession

Despite these new approaches, the essence of being an interior designer remains – to create beautiful, functional spaces. This social media evolution is an opportunity to showcase your creativity and connect with your audience in novel, engaging ways.

Embracing Change and Moving Forward

Remember, you have the talent and vision; it's all about rethinking how to share it with your audience. Adapt to this new era with confidence and creativity.

A Helping Hand – Reels Template Bundles

To make adapting even easier, check out our Reels Template Bundles for Interior Designers. Each bundle includes 5 Reel ideas, templates, audio links, hooks, and a step-by-step video guide. Simplify your content creation process and keep your audience entertained effortlessly.

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As we navigate these changes in social media, remember that evolution is part of growth. By embracing these new trends and incorporating them into your strategy, you can continue to build a strong, engaging presence on social media that resonates with your audience and showcases the best of your work.


Cheers to becoming a trendsetter!


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